Self improvement with God

What is self-improvement, 3 ways self-improvement can change your life, 10 self- improvement musts, where do I start self-improvement? If you want the answers to these statements. Please make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, because in this blog we ( yes, you also ) will try and figure out the basics of self-improvement with God and why it's important to keep pushing yourself to be better every day. (every single day ) 
Alright, ladies and gents when you are ready and comfortable. Let's start with the meaning behind self-improvement. Cambridge Dictionary's definition states that self- improvement is the activity of learning new things on your own that make you a more skilled or able person. Remember,there is more definitions of self-improvement, but for now, let us stick with this one. The words that stand out are learning, new things, your own (alone), skilled. We can use these words to create the 4 pillars to self-improvement. 
The 4 pillars to s…


Okay, I think we can all agree that banana bread should be banned from shelves.

Why? you may ask. If you have not been baking banana bread for the last couple of weeks or even months. The real question you should ask yourself is: Have you even been quarantining? because banana bread is all over the internet Susan. You get the original banana recipe then you get the banana and strawberry recipe ( I know, I know. Let's blame quartine for that one ) then you get the pecan and oatmeal ( actually not bad). The point I'm trying to make is that there are enough banana bread recipes to keep you busy. 

Maybe it's not just the banana bread that went a little too far this year. Did we forget the fitness people who could not handle the no jogging period in quarantine, so instead they took the option B, they ran a marathon on a 7meter balcony, and then there are some of us that can't even look at our gym clothes without crying. Yes, I understand not all of us can be crazy about fitne…

Quick and easy dinner

Okay you are running late again !

You need to fetch your kids at school and by the time you get back  it's past six. You are in a flat spin about what to make for dinner...and yes the children is not going to eat the leftovers from Sunday's lunch, for the third time. So we do our magic and make a quick and easy chicken pot. I mean what can go wrong with a chicken pot hmm let me take that back. The electricity can trip, the chicken can be bad or the possibility of over cooking a chicken is always there, but let's not get all emotional about a piece of chicken. We need to get it together dammit we got a dinner to make in 30 min.

So here it goes.....

Chicken pot 

Serves 4 - 6

1 1/2 olive oil1 medium onion, diced4 grated carrots 2 cloves garlic, minced1 tablespoon paprika1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin1 cup low-sodium chicken broth1 1/2 pounds chicken breast Himalayan Salt/ Pepper1 cup brown rice 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Add the oil to the pot and heat until the …

Weekend vibes


Cheap and easy at-home spa hacks.

Ladies it's spa day
You want to relax, but your on a tight budget ?. No worries, I got you !! Here is a body scrub, hair mask and face mask you can make under R100. It's easy, quick and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Sounds like a bargain, if you ask me. Put on some relaxing music, get your robe and relax....

Body Scrub:

1 cup of sugar1/4 cup of coconut oil1/2 ground coffee2 tbsp of vanilla extract 

Hair Mask:

1/2 sliced and peeled avo3 tbsp of coconut oil1/4 mayonnaise 

leave in for 15min

Face Mask

1 tbsp of coconut oil1/4 cup of turmeric 

xxx K

Salmon lovin had me a blast

Tell me more, tell me more.......

If you are not humming Summer nights from Grease by now, there is something wrong.Go see a doctor or something.

and if you came to your senses, let's continue with our Salmon lovin recipe.

What you will need to have a blast ( get it haha oh stop it you !)

1 ripe Avosesame seedschai seedsrocket1 tps Balsamic vinegar + Olive oil 15g Cashew nuts 2 x 200g Salmon Method: first the rocket then the salmon,  pour the sesame seeds + chai seeds + cashew nuts over sprinkle olive oil + balsamic vinegar 
now you can shooda-bop bop shooda-bop bop yeah !  and enjoy your Salmon 
xxx K

The best bun in down.

Buns out suns out.. This may just be the best bun in town.Yes it's healthy, of course it's quick and it's abso-freaking-lutly good. I bet your mouth is watering by now? Don't be embarrassed, please. How can you not drull? When you have the best bun in town. 
Let's break it down, because it's really easy ( we all know by now, that easy is my "go to" word  )

What this bun will need. ( I'm talking about the burger bun. Not "your" bun.Steady there Sally ! )  

- 2 whole wheat buns-Rocket leaves-1 cup of cherry tomatoes ( or any tomatoes. cherry tomatoes is for the lazy ones. Like me !)-Camembert cheese ( oh so cheesy you say )-Cucumber -Salt & pepper-Paprika- Hummus for the taste ( nobody likes a dry bun )
There you have it. Put it all together and you are ready to go.It's so easy, even your hubby can make it ( who are we kidding, they don't "do" these type of buns ).
Enjoy !!
xx K